Accepted Talks

  1. Animating Visualizations in Python

    Reshama Shaikh

  1. Assessing and mitigating unfairness in AI systems

    Manojit Nandi

  1. Building quality data pipelines

    Matthew Eng

  1. Continuous Documentation for your code

    Anastasiia Tymoshchuk

  1. Deploying a Django Virtual Event Platform Using Containers and Terraform

    Calvin Hendryx-Parker

  1. Getting started with Fuzz testing

    Vinicius Gubiani Ferreira

  1. Graphs for Data Science with NetworkX

    Bruno Gonçalves

  1. How to build, test and publish an open source Python library

    Simon Willison

  1. How we dealt with poor code analysis support in our generator, metaclasses, and code generation heavy projects

    Vladimir Losev

  1. Keeping code safe and modern with semantic searches

    Dane Hillard

  1. Machine Learning without a Ph.D

    Aaron Ma

  1. Making Government Useable by anyone with Pandas, Python and Eland

    Jay Miller

  1. On the Use and Misuse of Decorators

    Christopher Neugebauer

  1. Prioritizing Pandemic Rates with Python: Connecting generalized disease modeling to optimization in a pandemic world

    Madelyn Kapfhammer

  1. pyAudioProcessing: Building audio classification models in Python

    Jyotika Singh

  1. Python Typing Koans


  1. Securing Django Applications

    Gajendra Deshpande

  1. Stupid Things I've Done with Python

    Mark Smith

  1. The human side of Software

    Josue Balandrano Coronel

  1. The Wonderful World of Data Quality Tools in Python

    Sam Bail

  1. There Are Python 2 Relics in Your Code

    Miroslav Šedivý

  1. Write Docs Devs Love: Ten Tricks To Level Up Your Tech Writing

    Mason Egger

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