Jyotika Singh

Jyotika Singh is the Director of Data Science at ICX Media, where she manages and mentors her team as they work on NLP, feature engineering, machine learning, data analytics, research, distributed computing, marketing optimization, media optimization, social media and audiences data using Python and Spark.

She earned her Master’s in Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where she researched on signal and speech processing, developed novel approaches to remove noise from speech and worked on a variety of machine learning projects on image, text, user ratings, social media, entertainment and movies data. Outside her work, she enjoys working on a variety of problem solving techniques on text, audio and image data. She has opened multiple github open source projects, such as pyAudioProcessing, and has been a speaker at multiple conferences across the globe to share her findings and work with the Python and Data Science community. She is passionate about encouraging women in STEM and continues mentorship efforts to support the topic. In her free time, she is big on spending time with family and friends, painting, sketching, art & decor, and trying out different sports.


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